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Impact is Female, and our Learners show you why

Vinley Orutwa

Gender equality is a crucial human right and an essential foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. Although there has been some progress in recent decades, the world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030.

At Tomorrow University, we don't believe in celebrating Female Empowerment once a year. Celebrating achievements should be a modus operandi and we should empower and uplift women every day of the year.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5 reflect this importance. The theme for this year's UN Women's Day is "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress." This focuses on investing in women as a catalyst for development. Empowering women is interconnected with broader development goals, and it is a right that accelerates progress.

This theme emphasizes gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. Women's equality and empowerment are integral to all aspects of inclusive and sustainable development and are one of the 17 SDGs. It highlights how empowering women is interconnected with broader development goals. Investing in women is a right and a catalyst for accelerating development.

In this blog post, we'll share the stories of five learners. These learners are not only pursuing academic achievements but are also embodying female empowerment. They demonstrate the importance of investing in women to accelerate the progress we need as a society.

Learn more about their journeys.

Zana Pekmez - Bridging Tech and Inclusivity

Zana Pekmez, a Master's Degree learner at Tomorrow University from Bosnia is defying the ordinary. Juggling a full-time role at Microsoft while pursuing a Ph.D., her unwavering commitment to education and global impact is beyond inspirational. Her goal? To drive inclusive economic growth through technology and sustainability, showcasing the potential of innovation and collaboration for a brighter future.

Watch Zana's Story

Maria Hoensee - Connecting Climate and Healthcare

Marie Hoensee, a climate officer based in Germany, transitioned from medicine to pursue a Master's in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. She recognizes the intrinsic link between human health and the well-being of our planet. Committed to inspiring others, Marie’s goal is to advocate for a more accessible, equitable, and sustainable healthcare system by leveraging emerging technologies.

Watch Maria's Story

Vinley Orutwa - Nurturing Sustainability in Rural Kenya

Vinley Orutwa, a working student from Kenya pursuing a Bachelor's in Responsible Entrepreneurship and Management, exemplifies the importance of eliminating boundaries to access education. Thanks to Tomorrow University's remote education format, Vinley has been able study while navigating diverse countries and establishing important connections that will support her in realizing her personal and professional goals. Her dedication to sustainability fuels her mission to enhance the quality of life in rural Kenyan communities, showcasing the boundless potential of women’s empowerment and it’s integral role in building a more sustainable world.

Watch Vinley's Story

"The empowerment of women is a fundamental aspect of any resilient and sustainable society."

Merle Becker - Advocating for a Future Worth Living

Merle Becker, with a background in international politics, is a becoming a leading voice when it comes to advocacy for a sustainable future. She emphasizes the importance of effective communication, education, and conflict resolution. Studying for a Master's at Tomorrow University, Merle aims to create a future worth living for present and future generations by fostering a global community of change-makers and raising awareness about pressing global issues.

Watch Merle's Story

Maria Alejandra - Balancing Work, Study, and Impact

Maria Alejandra Rivero Morros, a Master's in SET learner, is passionate about bringing global communities together and reducing intercultural boundaries. Balancing work and studies, Maria makes use of the flexibility and diverse community provided by Tomorrow University, to explore how to bring her vision of sustainable living in community to life. Her dedication to sustainability and entrepreneurship is reflected in her desire to contribute to build awareness and connection through seasonal cooking. She aims to connect, empower, and inspire others by sharing her passion for Latin Food.

Watch Maria's Story

As we honor the missions of our 5 learners above, we also share our gratitude for all the other women in our community who are making a difference in their industries, communities, organizations, cities and families. It's essential to remember that SDG 5 is the anchor that supports progress across all other SDGs. The stories here are just a glimpse into the significant impact these women are making in various fields.

Vinley Orutwa
Vinley Orutwa

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