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of employees consider sustainability as a necessity in their (future) employer
Civey 2021

Find the best talent based on our Tomorrow University Competency framework, preparing our talented learnerswith the most sought-after skills of the 21st-century, making them a valuable assets to your business transformation strategy.
By enrolling in our programs, you'll gain access to these industry leaders and their knowledge and skills in sustainability, which can help elevate your company as a reference in sustainability practices.

Skip most steps in your traditional recruiting processes
Academical competency backed matching
Lower the cost per lead in your recruiting funnel
Educator of Tomorrow
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of all employees will need to reskill by 2025
Worl Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report

Select and customize the learner journeys (challenges) from our bachelor's or master's curricula to offer your workforce a cutting-edge educational experience that is engaging and relevant.

Retain your best people
Enhance your L&D efforts with a sophisticated platform that has proven to convey skills
Drive employer branding and demonstrate that you are an employer that cares
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more revenue can be created if companies change to sustainable approaches
Serviceplan / Biesalski & Company

Leverage the full range of resources available at our university, including professors, mentors, and high-achieving students who are equipped to tackle any real-world challenge you may encounter. Our approach is grounded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as our own pillars of sustainability, technology, and entrepreneurship. Whether you are seeking guidance on a specific project or looking to deepen your understanding of these critical areas, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support your journey.

Get up-to-date actionable solutions such as prototypes
Drive innovation by applying results to your specific challenge as operational measures
Introduce yourself to our community and students to support branding and recruiting

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Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences created an new education system based around the skills needed for the 21st-century — learners at ToU will be our next founders and leaders.
Eshter Bahne
Rock Tech Lithium, Clue, BMW
The learners at ToU are going to be our next generation’s greatest leaders and innovators. They are exactly what we need.
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Tom Sadowski
Tom Sadowski
Former Head of Apple App Store DACH
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is disrupting how future generations are educated and empowered. I would have loved to study and learn from inspiring role models at a university like this!
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Verena Pausder
Verena Pausder
Entrepreneur & Founder
HABA Digital

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