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Tomorrow University Change Maker Award

Merilyn Tammaru

Become a Change Maker at Tomorrow University

What is your story? Why are you the person to make that change happen?

The world fell silent, with only the gentle sounds of ocean water surrounding me. Floating above the vast ocean depths, I realized my insignificance and the vastness of undiscovered knowledge. The barrier reef unfolded below, a spectacle of vibrant colors and unique marine life, abruptly interrupted by the hollow thud of a plastic bottle against my snorkel. Shocked and angered by this trivial intrusion, my vacation epiphany became the catalyst for my mission for change.

What's your story? And why are you the one to drive that change? Share your narrative and join the Change Maker Awards at Tomorrow University.

  1. Complete the Bachelor's application (No need to commit now).
  2. Craft a 3-minute video, sharing your story, the change needed, and why you're the catalyst for it.
  3. Ignite your Butterfly Effect! Our impactful stories may be intense and emotional, but they leave a lasting impression. Spread your message through social media, radio, or in-person events using the hashtag #FlutterForChangeToU. Your Butterfly Effect's success determines the award recipient, so document and monitor your initiative's progress.

In times when the world feels overwhelming, we, like in Honduras, may feel small in the face of change. Don't let that belief deter you; join a community of change-makers where no vision is too ambitious, and together, we can make a global impact.

The Change Maker Award, worth 6000€, will be granted to one learner, applied to their Bachelor's tuition fee. Follow all steps, document your journey, and reach out for any questions. We're here to assist in your transformative process.

Seize the opportunity, be the change, and let's make 2024 a year to remember. Click the link to begin your journey of spreading your wings and creating positive change.

We can't wait to see your positive impact take flight!

The Application Deadline is February 12, 2024. The Change Maker Award Winner will be announced on February 19.

Apply here

Learn more about our Change Maker Award on Instagram.

Merilyn Tammaru
Merilyn Tammaru

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